An Update On Life

It has been ONE whole year since I have made a blog post. 
Oh, where has the time gone! 

Here's a brief list of things that have happened in the last year: 
1. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree!
2. I have been working two jobs since March. My full time job at a corporate practice & a part time job at a private practice, two days a week.
3. I got a promotion to a Lead Technician job at my full time job! 
4. I attended my first veterinary conference, AVMA in Washington, DC (blog post about this coming soon!) 
5. I took my GRE (not that exciting). I did okay. I may take it one more time in an attempt to get a more "competitive" score - but my score is high enough to apply to vet schools.

And honestly, a lot of the "same old". Working two jobs and going to school takes up so much of my time that my life is very boring & redundant. I still cry a lot. I never do enough laundry. I eat too many frozen burritos. I watch too much Netflix when I should be doing more productive things (I've been loving "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" and "Disenchantment" - & of course I've been watching "Harry Potter"). 

I have developed a few goals within veterinary medicine, aside from getting my RVT (which I'm still working on) and getting into vet school (which I'm also still working on). I would really like to do some medical volunteer work and give back to communities in need. I want to go on an international volunteer trip, as well as attend a volunteer event in my home state. I am currently working on getting my RECOVER certification. I also have a "wishlist" of certifications I would like to achieve. These include Fear Free, the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy and Certified Veterinary Business Leader (through the NAVC). Unfortunately for me, all of these certifications cost ABSURD amounts of money. 

I have also been having a kind of "spiritual" battle with myself for the last year or so. At one point in my life I considered myself to be an Atheist, at another point an Agnostic. I would say in my more recent years, I haven't considered myself to be anything. I've strayed away from a title that is supposed to dictate my beliefs. Right now I don't know what I would consider myself, or what exactly I believe in. I have definitely been doing a lot of reading and soul-searching, even praying. My soul feels this emptiness and desperate want to have something to believe in. I'll let you know if and when I figure it out. 

I hope that to whoever is reading this, all is well with you. 

Let's all just keep swimming! 

(I took this picture myself & added the caption)

- C

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