Back To School Blues

I decided about a year ago that I want to go to vet school. I know what you're thinking - but didn't you write that blog post awhile ago about not knowing what you want to do? Yes, I totally did.

I had worked at the same vet clinic for about 2.5-3 years (give or take as a receptionist), a year & a half ago I started on the job training to work as a technician for the same clinic. I still work at this clinic (as a technician) & for the first time ever in my whole life I love my job. I became super passionate about science & about medicine. I became that person that pesters every doctor with a bunch of questions (mostly ones that they don't seem to remember the answers to). I guess the next obvious question is, why don't I just work as a technician? Technical skills & patient care are great - but patient care is not my passion, medicine is. I want to know all of the how's & the why's - I want to solve the mysteries & make those difficult diagnoses. I already have 4 associate's degrees & I'm about to have my B.S. - what's a little more student loan debt? *insert eye roll here*.

So here I am, enrolled in three different schools (like a total nutcase). I am finishing my B.S. (three classes to go), I am working on my RVT online (should have my license by my birthday next year) & attend my local community college for my veterinary school pre-requisites. All of that - while working full time as a technician - & somehow maintaining decent grades. Don't try to ask me how I do it - because honestly I don't know. I cry a lot . . . Community college picks back up in a week & a half & I am dreading every second of it.

People keep asking me why I'm getting my RVT if I want to be a doctor. I have about 1.5-2 years of pre-requisites left (1.5 years until I start applying for DVM programs). I work for a corporate hospital who partners with an online tech school - so my job is paying for 90% of my RVT program & there is an incentive of a $5/hourly raise. Long story short - I really need the money.

List of classes starting now that will be finished by Christmas:
- Finance (online - for my B.S.)
- Operation & Supply Chain Management (online - for my B.S.)
- HR Management Capstone Project (online - for my B.S.)
- Veterinary Office Management & Skill With People (online - for my RVT)
- Medical Nursing for Veterinary Technicians (online - for my RVT)
- Medical Mathematics (online - for my RVT)
- Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians (online - for my RVT)
- Clinical Externship 1 (online - for my RVT)
- General Chemistry I Lecture (community college - pre-req)
- General Chemistry I Lab (community college - pre-req)
- Molecular & Cell Biology Lecture (community college - pre-req)
- Molecular & Cell Biology Lab (community college - pre-req)
- College Algebra (community college - pre-req)
- Public Speaking (community college - pre-req)

The next 4 months of my life will be a miserable existence, where do nothing but work & go to school & cry into my textbooks regularly.

On a side note, today is my fur babies 1st birthday! 

Benson & Reggie

- C

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