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"A Clash of Kings" by George R.R. Martin - The second book in the Game of Thrones series. I'm really trying to like this series. I feel like so many people watch the TV show that it's almost pointless to summarize. In this particular book, winter is approaching, two great leaders are now dead, six factions struggle for control of a divided land. If you would like to read a full summary, I will link you to Goodreads, here. They are great books, especially if you like fantasy, it just seems to take me forever to get through them.

"War and Peace" By: Leo Tolstoy - This book. This huge, daunting, old, 1200 page book. I really like classics. I think everyone should read classics. This is definitely a step away from "Frankenstein" or "Treasure Island" (although I recommend everyone read those too). This book is BIG & it's not the most exciting read on the planet (at least not so far). I'm reading this book 3-15 pages a day. I'll get through it eventually, maybe in 6 months, maybe in 1 year. Reasons I am reading this book & you should try to read it too: 7 Reasons You Should Give War & Peace A Chance (besides being able to tell people that you've read it).

"Geek Girl" By: Holly Smale - I had mentioned before that I am usually always reading at least one fun, light, "girly" book. This is the one I'm currently digging into. This is a YA novel. Before you go ripping into me for reading books written for a demographic I am no longer included in, YA books are great, I was once a teenager & it's nice to read about the woes & problems of teens that are much more minuscule than my own. Also, if you are a female who claims to not like or read YA, you are definitely lying. This book is about a girl who is considered to be a geek by her peers, she is spotted one day by a top-modeling agent & she seizes this opportunity to re-invent herself. The book follows the disasters that ensue. I just started this book a couple of nights ago, so I can't say if I love it or hate it yet.

"Giant Days" By: John Allison, Whitney Cogar & Lissa Treiman - I haven't included any comic books yet, although I do read quite a few of them. My current favorite series is "Giant Days", I am currently on the third book, which is the image shown above. I am impatiently awaiting the release of the fourth book in February. Susan, Daisy & Esther are three college students with dorm rooms next to each other who become best friends. It's about their personal explorations and re-inventing themselves, in the midst of all the chaos that comes with college life. It's hilarious, the artwork is great & it's one of those comics that I just can't put down & will probably re-read more than once.

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