Plants I Have Not Killed

This blog post is for the person who loves plants but can't keep them alive. I am by no means a good plant owner. I do not have a green thumb & I have managed to kill many plants. I started to do a lot of research into plants that are almost impossible to kill. I've been collecting them one by one & here is a short list of the only plants I own. So far, all of these plants I have managed to keep alive & in good shape. They are all very low maintenance. I love plants & I want to be able to have them (without killing them), so if you can relate to this, you should consider these gems. I do have plans to expand my small indoor plant empire, now that I feel like I have a grasp on the keeping-plants-alive thing.

Snake Plant - Some people also know this as being called Mother-In-Laws Tongue. This is the first plant I decided to buy when researching into plants that are difficult to kill. If you google that, this one comes up on almost every list & article you find. It's tall & spiky & stiff, I put it in a well-draining soil mixture of regular potting soil, perlite & those little pebble rocks you put in the bottom of fish tanks. This plant needs a soil that drains well because it can be prone to root rot. It doesn't need a ton of light, although I keep it on my coffee table next to my balcony door, so that it gets indirect sunlight through out the day. It needs watering about every 2 weeks - but sometimes I forget so it gets watered closer to around every 3 weeks. That's the glory, you can forget & it won't die. You can fertilizer every 1-2 months. I found this plant at my local Lowe's. It's supposed to be a pretty slow growing plant & from what I can tell from the information I've found online, it's supposed to get huge. Since I've gotten it, it's gotten pretty tall (unevenly, as you can tell from the photo) & has sprouted off around 3-4 baby plants.

Philodendron - My philodendron is a heartleaf philodendron or sweetheart plant. This plant also does bright to moderate light but tolerates low light, it sits next to my snake plant next to my balcony door. It needs a little more water than the other plants I own, the soil needs to be kept fairly moist - it needs a peat moss based soil but it still needs drainage or it can get root rot. It's also tolerant of dry air but does like humidity, so it enjoys being misted occasionally. This plant is a vining plant, so if you aren't about that - then don't bother. Mine has grown a little but not much since I've gotten it. Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering & you can fertilize this plant once a month in spring through fall. You should also let the soil dry between waterings in the winter time. This particular plant I didn't buy in town, I actually ordered it on Etsy from Hirt's Gardens. I recommend the shop & will be ordering from them again in the future.

ZZ Plant - This is my newest plant, also found at my local Lowe's. It hasn't grown much since I've gotten it but I do keep it in a place in my kitchen where it doesn't get a ton of light. It does get some indirect light that comes in from my balcony door - just like the other two plants - it just gets less as it's further away. I haven't yet re-potted this one either, because I'm extremely lazy - but I need to. This plant can do bright to moderate light (although it shouldn't be put in direct light) & will still do well receiving very low light. Only water when the soil feels dry, so again every couple of weeks will do it. This plant shouldn't get fertilizer, it doesn't like it, so 1-2 times a year, if at all & only in the summer. This plant also needs quick draining soil - refer to the soil mix I used for my snake plant.

Bunny Ear Cactus - For a cactus, this one is kind of high maintenance. Although, I didn't know this at the time of purchasing it. This one is also a Lowe's purchase. I used the same soil again for this cactus as I did for the snake plant. This fucker has the most horrible pricklies that get all over everything & you'll never get them out of your fingers, so be careful. I had to use a washcloth to handle it when I was re-potting. This cactus needs full light & warm temps 70-100 for the entire summer, I actually kept this cactus out on my balcony in direct sunlight. The high maintenance part is that it needs a winter cycle or it dies. In winter it needs low temps between 50-65 & no watering, if you don't do this it will die in the spring. I got this cactus in spring of this year & am working (er, or not working?) on it's winter cycle right now, so if it dies in the spring I'll be pissed. I'll let you know. 

I hope that, like me, if you are terrible at keeping plants alive - this helped you at least a little.

- C

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