Favorites: November 2016

 A bunch of random things that I'm currently digging. 

Tamagotchi - I have an Amazon problem. This is a result of that. I had a weird sentimental moment where I went hunting them down on the internet to see if they still existed. Unfortunately they no longer sell them as "animals" (back in the day I had a turtle) - now they are "Tamagotchi Friends" - which are weird people creatures. I'm really enjoying it, even though the majority of people are making fun of me. I've managed to kill it once so far . . . You can order the one I got here

Daria: The Complete Animated Series - What a show. I hadn't watched it in a very long time but I keep getting compared to Daria by my coworkers & it made me want to watch it again. I'm not as smart as Daria but I definitely have the very non-enthused, indifference to everything & everyone personality type.  I guess that's how I relate. I've read a lot about how Daria is bland & condescending & a giant bitch. I would like to think that I'm not those things. You can also get this box set on Amazon for $14.50. So really, it's so cheap that you have no excuse to not buy it. 

Gilmore Girls - I didn't get on this bandwagon until about 2 months ago. I just started season 3 but I'm already so obsessed. It's such a cozy feel-good show. I love Luke & Lorelai & I'm definitely Team Jess (Although I haven't been introduced to Logan yet). I've been watching it on Netflix in preparation for "Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life" - a Netflix reunion consisting of 4 90-minute movies. It's easily become one of my favorite shows of all time. If I'm feeling sad all I have to do is throw this show on.

French's Classic Yellow Mustard - Yeah I'm fucking weird, I'm aware. I love mustard. LOVE it. Some people are mustard people, some people are mayo people & some people hate both. I am a mustard person. I'm not really sure what this says about me. The point is, I've been craving mustard almost everyday for a week so I've been continuously eating veggie sandwiches drenched in mustard. You can judge me for this all you want, I know you're going to. 

Scrunchies - A throwback to the 90's, scrunchies always remind me of my mother. She probably still wears them. Recently I've been using them a lot more than regular hair ties, I think they can be comfier than regular hair ties because they are softer & stretchier so it's difficult to get them so tight that they pull the hair out of your scalp. So there's that. I ordered mine on Amazon - because if you couldn't tell already I order basically everything on Amazon. I have these ones & these ones. You can probably also just get them at Target if you aren't too lazy to leave your house. 

Annie's Bunny Grahams - These are just over-priced Teddy Grahams but you don't have to feel as bad about eating them because they're organic. They are delicious, worth the money & 10 out of 10 would both recommend & buy again. EAT THEM. 

Maybelline Line Stiletto - I've recently started doing winged eyeliner again after about a 2 year hiatus. This is my all-time favorite liquid eyeliner, I can't do a wing with anything else. I've tried so many liquid eyeliners including a lot of stupid expensive ones from Urban Decay, Stila, Eyeko, etc. This will always be my fave & it's super cheap. It's a very flexible felt tip with intense pigment. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara - I've always heard of this mascara but never thought to give it a chance. I found a sample of it that had just been laying around my bathroom. It's amazing if you like volume. It's a little more natural looking, so if you like dramatic spider-lashes, this won't be for you. 

Lancome Blush in Aplum - I feel like all photos I can find of this are a bit darker than it actually looks in person. It's a matte mauve-plum shade that looks so natural & pretty on. It's my favorite fall & winter shade, so I've been using it every single day for the past month.

Music Favorites 
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I also have a "Rainy Day" playlist on Spotify that I've been listening to a ton.

I'm sure you can guess what my sole dislike is for this month, I'm still trying to pretend it's not real.

- C

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