An Ode to Turbie Twists

Disclaimer: I wrote this late at night after I took a Melatonin & was super drowsy. Why I'm posting it on the internet now is a question I'm asking myself repetitively as I type this . . .

Oh Turbie Twists! 
You keep my wet hair from dripping all over me, from dampening my pillowcases, from making me cold! 

Oh colorful microfiber Turbie Twists! 
Now that you're in my life, I can't imagine a shower without you! You keep me carefree!

Oh soft & fuzzy Turbie Twists! 
You hide in the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond, you lurk in the 3rd party sellers of Amazon. How you are not more popular & more readily available, I do not know - everybody needs a chance at your magic!

Oh Turbie Twists! 
You have made washing my hair complete! 

Here is a lovely after-shower photo of me in a Turbie Twist. 

I really do love Turbie Twists. It's not a joke. I own about 10 of them. 
I also actually googled "how to write an ode" while writing this. 
I don't think I was very successful but I think I got my point across. 

2nd Disclaimer: Me & this post are both NOT sponsored by Turbie Twist. However, if they want to send me some, I am completely open to it. 

- C

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