Generational Confusion

I am Generation Y or a millennial. 

. . . I didn't know this until maybe two weeks ago . . . 

I decided to do some research into finding out what generation I was a part of. Only to find out that I am a Millennial & was completely unaware of it. It also helped me learn that I am not alone in this & that if you were born earlier on in Generation Y, you also probably had no clue you were considered a Millennial. Most people I have brought this up to in my age range had no idea. I personally was always under the impression that Millennials were younger than me. That generation is actually Generation Z. For example, my youngest sister, who is 16 would be a part of Generation Z. She was born in 2000. 

So, in seeing all of these articles about how Millennials are self-entitled narcissists, I thought it referred to anyone who was currently in their teen years, or possibly entering college now. I had no idea that it also included me & anyone who was currently up to 8 years older than me . . . 

For some reason this hit me like a ton of bricks. I guess because being a Millennial carries such a negative connotation. It's like finding out you've been sorted into Hufflepuff (sorry Hufflepuffs). It's hard not to be offended when you can't help being born into a generation that comes with a blanket description of being spoiled, self-entitled & lazy. Maybe I feel offended because I'm still working on a college degree & don't feel like I'm contributing to society, so it's just an extra reason for me to feel bad about myself. I don't mean for this to be entirely negative, this is just my thoughts & feelings. I'm sure that someone else who is a Millennial might read this & think I'm slandering my own generation or someone will read this & think I'm an idiot for not even knowing which generation I'm a part of. That's ok. 

While I come to terms with this, here are a ton of articles & resources you should check out: 

- C

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  1. I still refuse to believe that I am a Millennial. I will forever refer to myself as generation Y, even though you and I have already gone over this and have determined that I am simply an "elitist millennial." Is it possible that my refusal to accept being a millennial and my need to be unique and not grouped in with other millennials is exactly what makes me one? I'm just being dramatic, but it bothers me that i'm grouped in with other people who never heard a Spice Girls song and the radio.