Generational Confusion

I am Generation Y or a millennial. 

. . . I didn't know this until maybe two weeks ago . . . 

I decided to do some research into finding out what generation I was a part of. Only to find out that I am a Millennial & was completely unaware of it. It also helped me learn that I am not alone in this & that if you were born earlier on in Generation Y, you also probably had no clue you were considered a Millennial. Most people I have brought this up to in my age range had no idea. I personally was always under the impression that Millennials were younger than me. That generation is actually Generation Z. For example, my youngest sister, who is 16 would be a part of Generation Z. She was born in 2000. 

So, in seeing all of these articles about how Millennials are self-entitled narcissists, I thought it referred to anyone who was currently in their teen years, or possibly entering college now. I had no idea that it also included me & anyone who was currently up to 8 years older than me . . . 

For some reason this hit me like a ton of bricks. I guess because being a Millennial carries such a negative connotation. It's like finding out you've been sorted into Hufflepuff (sorry Hufflepuffs). It's hard not to be offended when you can't help being born into a generation that comes with a blanket description of being spoiled, self-entitled & lazy. Maybe I feel offended because I'm still working on a college degree & don't feel like I'm contributing to society, so it's just an extra reason for me to feel bad about myself. I don't mean for this to be entirely negative, this is just my thoughts & feelings. I'm sure that someone else who is a Millennial might read this & think I'm slandering my own generation or someone will read this & think I'm an idiot for not even knowing which generation I'm a part of. That's ok. 

While I come to terms with this, here are a ton of articles & resources you should check out: 

- C

Favorites: July 2016

July Favorites

My faaaaavorites for the month of Julyyyy. 
These are the things that I liiiiiike. 

Frank Lip Scrub & Balm Duo - I love this stuff. I am one of those people whose lips peel when I put almost anything on them & are constantly chapped. This is my most recent finding of things that actually works on my lips. This now totals 3 things I can put on my lips without them trying to kill themselves. If you would like me to talk further about this, let me know. The scrub is sugary & coffee-y but not overwhelming, just sweet. The balm is my favorite part. It's a really thick petroleum-esque  balm that smells slightly of coffee. All that matters is, it works. Note: I say that the balm is petroleum-esque so you understand the texture but it doesn't have petroleum in it, mostly Lanolin.

Mary Kay CC Cream & Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Plus Set - I am not the type of person who ever would have thought I would like Mary Kay. I'm just being 100% honest. I have a friend who sells it & I have honestly been hooked / in love with a lot of the products ever since she introduced me to it, especially the skincare. The first item I'm mentioning here is the CC cream. This is one of my 3 favorite face products & I usually rotate just based on what I need (I'm  noticing a trend of 3's here . . .). It's on the sheer side, so if you need coverage this isn't for you. I am strictly a BB / CC / Tinted Moisturizer gal. This is my go-to running out the door face product! It evens me out, gives me some coverage but I still look natural & glowy. This CC cream is particularly hydrating, so it's also great for winter months. It has SPF 15 (I don't consider this high enough) - but I always wear SPF 30 day cream under my face makeup. The Microdermabrasion Plus Set I am addicted to. I use it around 3 times a week. I haven't used anything close to this in consistency. If you have used Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash- that's the closest thing I can think of but this is even scrubbier, more fine-grain & more amazing than that. *Update: This CC Cream started to make me really, really greasy (& I do not have oily skin), so I discontinued using it. I do however, still use & love the microdermabrasion.

Matrix Total Results "Moisture Me Rich" Shampoo & Matrix Total Resuls "So Long Damage" Conditioner - These were sent from the hair gods. I'm being serious. I have been struggling for awhile to find something that works for my hair. I have a rooty ombre blonde balayage (I know, so fancy) so my roots get oily fairly quickly while my ends tend to stay pretty dry. Previously I was using Joico "Color Endure" because my colorist recommended it. I haaaated it. Hated it so much. I'm not even going to link to it because you shouldn't buy it. It always left this weird residue in my hair that I couldn't get rid of or fix, no matter what I tried. I gave it to my sister, who also hated it, she gave it to my mom & my mom also hated it. THESE TWO ARE AMAZING. I decided to try them on a whim & purchased them in the smaller sizes first to ensure I would like them. They clean my hair while still leaving it soft & shiny & manageable & not frizzy. If you have dry ends, these are fantastic. Not to mention, the liters are a bit cheaper than some other salon lines. I always like re-stock my hair products when stores are having sales.

Beauty Blender - All that needs to be said about this is that I am way too late on the bandwagon. I am sure there are a million videos & blog posts on why this is amazing & how none of the dupes compare. It's ALL TRUE. You can make anything look fantastic when you apply it with this. I can never use a brush again.

Boscia Black Mask - That funky black peel off face mask. I do usually 2 - 3 face masks a week (I could probably do a post entirely about masks). I tried a deluxe sample, & I had to take the plunge & buy the full size. I've used this mask quite a bit this month. There aren't enough peel-off face masks in the world, at least ones that are worth buying. This one is immediately cool because it's black & who doesn't want to snapchat pics of this on their face? . . . I have extremely normal skin - so I feel like I'm not a great testament to skincare because most things will work for me. I think this definitely helps reduce excess oil, shrink & reduce pores & my skin always feel tighter & more radiant after an application. 
Plus, it's fun to peel-off, duh!

 Veggie Wash Organic - I am aware that this extremely random but you need this in your life.. I got a little trial size bottle at my local health foods store for 99 cents & now I don't think I can live without it. It removes wax, soil & chemicals from your produce. Basically you spray it all over the produce, rub it around & rinse it off. I can definitely feel a difference in the cleanliness of fruits & veggies when I use this vs when I don't. Plus, it's all natural & it has a light citrus smell. 

"Stranger Things" -  A Netflix Original Series - Honestly, if you haven't watched this, or heard about it, where have you been? If you're name isn't Patrick Star, then you probably don't live under a rock & should know about this show already. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER. It's definitely a binger, once I started watching, I couldn't stop. It's creepy, while simultaneously giving me ALL THE FEELS. It's only 8 episodes, so you don't have to feel too bad if you bend up binge-watching it. It's a science fiction drama that takes place in the 80's about a boy who goes missing. That's all I'm going to say, you just need to watch it already. It leaves you wanting more & I could definitely re-watch it. According to the internet, season 2 is already confirmed. 

Pokemon Go! - IF YOU AREN'T PLAYING THIS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Even my mother is playing it. She's become a Pokemon crackhead. If you are a hater, just let me do what makes me happy. Even if what makes me happy is wasting my time playing a phone game & spending my hard-earned money on pokeballs. I'm Team Mystic! 

I'm going to leave you with my favorite video for the month of July, Jenna Marbles "Ultimate 100 Coats of Things". This video kills me, apologies if you aren't a fan of J.M. You should at least watch it for the entertainment value. I can't watch this without almost peeing my pants every time.

- C