My Favorite Pens

My favorite pens of all time are the Seven-Year Pens from Seltzer Goods

They are a ball-point, black ink, medium tip pen. They are eco-friendly, swiss-made and contain what they say to be a 7-year ink supply. The concept behind this pen is that there are 100 million pens discarded every day (I can't say I'm not guilty from contributing to this), this pen claims to be able to write 1.7 meters (or about 5.5 feet) every day for seven years. Obviously, writing more or less than this can prolong or shorten the life span of the pen. I'm a big writer, I write in planners, I journal on a daily basis, I make to-do lists and the average lifespan of a pen for me (assuming I'm using the same one consistently), is usually only a few months (if that). Some of the pens I own are newer than others but a couple of the pens I have been using religiously for about a year now and they are still going strong! Not to mention, if you are a ballpoint fan like me, they write like a dream! 

These pens retail for $8.95 and the refills are only $1.99 (Crazy cheap if you ask me)! 
Plus they are all so cute!!! The ones pictured are all of the ones that I currently own but I definitely want more of them. 

I originally discovered these pens at a local bookstore called Changing Hands in Tempe, Arizona. My first one was the Unicorn pen, gifted to me by my sister. So you might be able to find these at a local or indie bookstore near you. I don't know of anywhere to purchase these where I live, so I order them directly from the Seltzer Goods website! 

Have you tried these pens? If so, do you like them? 

Happy Writing! 

- C

* I am not affiliated with Seltzer Goods or Changing Hands bookstore, these pens were purchased by me with my own money! 

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