Review: One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

This is the first and only product I have tried so far from One Love Organics. I feel like I have been hearing about this company all over the internet recently. This product lives up to the hype. I have been having some pretty bad eye irritations lately - especially with makeup removers and cleansers. Every time I clean off my eye makeup I am left with raw, red, itchy, burning eyes. I feel like even the face moisturizer I have used for the past 5 years is now heavily irritating my eye area. 

This product is a serious life-send. 

The website explains that this cleansing oil contains papain, a fruit enzyme that exfoliates and softens the skin, while Vitamin B detoxifies and tones. 

This stuff is magic!

*Insert magic sparkly glittery magic explosion here*

It removes all of my makeup, even waterproof eye makeup and my eyes love it. 
No itchy burning irritated eyes at the end of the day!!! 

This product is a little steep at $42 a bottle but I think for it's performance, happy eyeballs and overall awesome-ness it is worth the cost. I'm excited to try more of One Love Organic's products. 

You can purchase this cleanser (or just check it out) HERE.

Have you tried anything from One Love Organics? 
Are you a fan of cleansing oils? 

- C

* I am not affiliated with One Love Organics. This product was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. 

In A Funk.

Where have I been?! I know all 0 of my followers are just dying to know. I've been . . . busy? I really have been busy, I'm not just saying that. I started a new job and I'm swamped (quite literally) in mountains of homework. I've also just been in a funk. You know those times when you're feeling really, really un-motivated to do anything at all so you go to work, come home, lay down on the floor and eat Pringles and do absolutely nothing you promised yourself you were going to do? Or maybe you don't know because normal responsible people who are good at being adults don't do that. That's been my life for going on a good three weeks now. 

It's really nobody's fault but my own. I'm mainly making this blog post to shame myself because when I started this blog I was really determined to be one of those people who posted content on a schedule and all that. I should have expected this to happen, honestly, because I have such a short attention span and I really suck at keeping up with anything and I am the queen of not-finishing projects. I'm really trying to make this work. So, I'm sorry, sad blog with no followers, for neglecting you. I've sourced this image from "Hyperbole & A Half" because I really feel like her life sums up my life and she makes me feel better about my crappy life tendencies and how I'm really not great at being an adult (yet? 25 is really killing me). 

There is even this part of me that would like to blame my lack of motivation on Mercury being in Retrograde . . . This Mercury Retrograde ends October 9th and then I will be all out of even the lamest of excuses. 

Hope you enjoyed this really strange blog post. 
I like to think that all of us feel this way sometimes (it makes me feel better to think that).

- C

My Current Everyday Makeup!

My Current Everyday Makeup Products 

Nars Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 in the shade Light1 Finland 
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light2 Vanilla
Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder in Translucent Crystal 
The Body Shop "Honey" Bronzing Powder in shade 01 Light Matte
Lancome Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush and Cream Highlighter in 393 Rose Automne.
Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
Lancome Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in 108 Beige Brulee
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Perversion & Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner in Black
Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara in Intense Black 
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water 

I adore Nars face products. I am a huge tinted moisturizer / cc / bb girl - I am not a big fan of actual foundation. I love being able to even out my skin tone without feeling like I am wearing makeup or looking like a total cake-face. 

I'm all about that natural look. I am a firm believer that makeup should highlight and define what you already have, not make you look like a Kardashian. Although, I'm sure a lot of people (especially those heavy makeup-wearers) will disagree with that. Why would you want to look like a completely different person wearing makeup vs. not wearing makeup?!?

The eyeshadow and blush that I use really vary from day to day. Those are the two products I switch up a lot. I just posted the two I have been using the most frequently. 

Lately I have been getting into Lancome. This palette in Beige Brulee is pretty similar to an Urban Decay Basics palette. Neutral colors, all matte with the exception of the one shimmery highlight (which is amazing). Lancome has some of my favorite eyeshadows, they are super pigmented and soft and buttery and totally worth the hefty price point. If you are into the no-makeup makeup look like I am, or you want some good "everyday" eyeshadow to wear to work or school - this palette is awesome. I have been rotating this eye palette with the Stila Eyes are the Window Palette in "Soul" and two Nars duo eyeshadows, "Tokyo" and "Kalahari". 

The blush I am using is also by Lancome. This blush is actually limited edition - but it is out in their current collection, I think it's pretty new, so you should be able to get your hands on this! I was walking through Macy's and was completely sucked into a display with this blush on it. It's a gorgeous deep rosey-pink shade and a champagne-pink cream-to-powder highlighter. The blush is super pigmented so for fair ladies like me, a light-hand is necessary. I've been alternating this blush with Benefit's "Hervana'. It makes you look so glowy and radiant and this will easily work it's way into fall & winter. I have a couple of other Lancome blushes and I also think Lancome blush is well worth it's price-point. 

What products have you been using or loving lately? 
Are they any products you think I should try? 

- C